Avemar® is a health food supplement derived from wheat germ (botanical name: Triticum vulgaris). Fermented wheat germ is combined with other natural ingredients in a patented dietary supplement that may benefit the body's immune systems.

Avemar® comes in granulated form that dissolves in water or other liquid. Taken daily, Avemar®  promotes and maintains general well-

Avemar® is not an alternative medicine, a dietary supplement or one of the category of products described as ``compounds with unproven effects.''  It is under wide, independent clinical study as a special nutriment for cancer patients, having been registered as such with the Ministries of Health of the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. We make no claims for the effectiveness of Avemar®, but we do recommend that you read the findings of the studies conducted elsewhere, especially the conclusions drawn by the researchers. To see the studies, click here.

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*The International Pharmacology Laboratory is the Tokyo-based pharmaceutical research subsidiary of Moriya Sangyo KK, an international pharmaceutical company, also based in Tokyo. Avemar® is a registered trademark of Biromedicina, of Budapest, Hungary.
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Each package of Avemar® contains 30 sachets, or a one-month supply.  Each 17-gram sachet contains: Avemar pulvis 8.5 g (dried fermented wheat germ extract 63.2%, maltodextrin, silicone dioxide), fructose, natural flavor, sodium chloride prepared in granules to be dissolved in liquid and taken daily. Avemar® contains wheat gluten.

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